We are children of the sun.

Our business originally was acting on photovoltaic activity and we have concentrated our experience in this sector to select systems that use solar energy to extract water.
Products conceived and produced in Italy, that we take all over the world. A simple technology, reliable, tested and capable of changing life where there is either water shortages or lack of electricity and fuel.

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All in one euro pallet,
batteries are not necessary,
it works with all types of Energy.

WaterBox in Senegal
PLACE: Ethiopia - HEAD: 40 m - FLOW RATE: 25 m3/day - USE: Water for an hospital - PRODUCT: WaterBox 04/05
Presentation of the waterbox to the UNH meeting to the International Humanitarian City in Dubai
PLACE: Zambia - HEAD: 70 m - FLOW RATE: 23 m3/day - USE: animals beverage - PRODUCT: WaterBox 04/05
PLACE: Santo Domingo - HEAD: 40 m - FLOW RATE: 42 m3/day - USE: agricolture - PRODUCT: WaterBox 06/04
Solar pivot in Sudan
Solar pivot in Sudan
PLACE: South Sudan - WORKING PRESSURE: 4 bars - FLOW RATE: 450 m3/day - USE: humanitarian aid - PRODUCT: TDS Hybrid
PLACE: Cairo - HEAD: 90 m - FLOW RATE: 450 m3/day - USE: agricolture - PRODUCT: TDS Hybrid and Pentax pumps
PLACE: Cairo - HEAD: 90 m - FLOW RATE: 450 m3/day - USE: agricolture - PRODUCT: TDS Hybrid and Pentax pumps

Solar irrigation pivot in Sudan

15 January 2018

During the last quarter of 2017, we successfully installed and commissioned a water pumping system connected to an existing irrigation pivot.
The installation site is closed to the city of Shendi, located 200 km at north of the capital of Sudan, Khartoum.

The system is powered by 244.9 kWp of solar energy, of which 211,5 kWp to power the submersible pump and the remaining to supply the traction motors of the pivot.

The system operates 14 hours per day and driven by a central unit able to mix the energy coming from the solar field and the one produced by a genset. The genset, witch is automatically managed for its activation, supplyes only the missing energy necessary to reach the minimum performance point of the pump. This hybrid solution makes possible to get a selfconsumption of solar energy above 96% and an yearly saving of more that 57.000 liters of diesel however on keeping a constant pressure at pivot's inlet

Everyday the system is able to supply 40 millions liters of water pumped from a 100 meters deep well and distribuited in an area of 250.000 square meters.

This is a real first brick on the development of sustainable agriculture in Africa, made possible witht the committment of LAP and our egyptian friends Solera.

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